What to Wear

Tips on What to Wear for Your Photography Session


1) Clothes Will Set the Mood of a Photograph

Choose clothing that best fits your style. Everyone has their own style that they are comfortable with, so embrace it! Whether you are looking for
a vintage, shabby-chic, modern, formal or even traditional feel– you need to feel great in the clothes. If you like a combination of looks, layer
it up! Wear a cute solid skirt or pants with a patterned, vintage top. Then change it up by adding a jean jacket to tone down the style!


2) Colors and Patterns Spice Things Up

Do not be afraid of color. Use it all over or as a color-pop to liven things up a little. Balance your clothing selection with solid colors and
patterns, choosing tones that compliment your skin and hair color.

Trying to figure out what everyone can wear for a family or large group can be very overwhelming. One of the easiest things is to start building
off of one person’s outfit. If you daughter has a cute print dress that you want her to wear, coordinate the rest of the clothing around it.


3) Accessorize Matter

Details make images look more cohesive and give an overall finished feel. It doesn’t matter what clothes you decided to wear, a great necklace,
scarf or hat, these can really make your image pop. Even the perfect pair of shoes will make an image perfect!


4) Props Make it Personal

Something special from home will add a creative flair. For baby or children sessions, a small object or piece of furniture from home can
make an amazing addition to your session. A rocking chair that has been passed down generation, or a stuffed animal given to your child by a
grandmother will mean a lot to you in years to come.

For an engagement session, bring items that remind you of how you met, places you have traveled, things you like to do together, or how he
proposed. These items will make the images more special and will give you something to interact with during your session.

Senior portrait sessions are a great way to show hobbies that you like. Sports gear, musical instruments, letter jackets, or anything else that
you can think of…


5) Pets are Part of the Family Too

As a dog owner, I know how important your pets are. I love photographing sessions where pets get to come along and be part of the fun!

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