Atlanta Wedding Photographer- { 5 Reasons for a Killer Bridal Session}

5. Get to know your photographer. (And let the photographer get to know you.) This is a great opportunity for your photographer to find your best angles, most flattering poses, and what ways to make you shine. Most photographers will give you a little direction on how to stand or what to do, so this is a perfect time for you to learn the lingo; that way you will know exactly what to do on your wedding day.

4. Take portraits in a unique location (or somewhere special to you.) This session is meant to be fun, dreamy, sexy, high-fashion, vintage… and whatever else you want to make it. Have your session somewhere that shows who you are or what you like. Perhaps you want to do them somewhere close to your heart… No matter where you choose, you will have great photos for years to come.

3. Test out your flowers (or do something totally opposite of your wedding day bouquet!)

2. Do a trial run on your hair. This is a great opportunity to see how your hair will look in your wedding photos. Once you see your bridal photos, you are able to change your hair for your wedding day. You do not want to be stuck with a hairstyle that you hate in your wedding photos.

1. Perfect your makeup. Have someone do it for you or do it yourself. Whatever you choose, you can make sure that you love it by doing a bridal session!

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