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This wedding was beautiful and full of surprises… Wet, soaking surprises!

Just as Erika was starting to walk down the aisle, it started to rain. Then pour. And thunder. And lightning. A couple of minutes later, during the middle of the ceremony, a strong wind blew and took her veil with it. Then, just as fast as it came, it was gone–One of those crazy, fast pop-up storms. What it left behind was one of the most gorgeous skies!

Erika and Cory were so sweet to watch. Always smiling at one another, whispering in each other’s ear and holding hands. I want to thank you both, for allowing us to photograph you day! And thanks to Stevi Clack for helping shoot the wedding!

P.S. Thank you for letting us take you out one more time during your reception to take a few more photos of the two of you. Those are some of the most beautiful images from the day. Hope you like:)


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2014-06-04_0002.jpg2014-06-04_0001.jpg2014-06-04_0004.jpg2014-06-04_0005.jpg2014-06-04_0003.jpgring bearers2014-06-04_0006.jpg2014-06-04_0007.jpg2014-06-04_0008.jpgwedding in the rain.jpg2014-06-04_0012.jpg2014-06-04_0010.jpg2014-06-04_0009.jpg2014-06-04_0014.jpg2014-06-04_0015.jpg2014-06-04_0016.jpg2014-06-04_0017.jpg2014-06-04_0021.jpg2014-06-04_0022.jpg2014-06-04_0035.jpg2014-06-04_0019.jpg2014-06-04_0033.jpg2014-06-04_0027.jpg2014-06-04_0023.jpgVilla Christina Wedding.jpg2014-06-04_0020.jpg2014-06-04_0034.jpg2014-06-04_0025.jpgVilla Christina Wedding 2.jpg2014-06-04_0018.jpg2014-06-04_0036.jpg2014-06-04_0026.jpgWedding at Villa Christina.jpg2014-06-04_0029.jpg2014-06-04_0028.jpgVilla Christina photo.jpg2014-06-04_0037.jpg2014-06-04_0038.jpg2014-06-04_0041.jpg2014-06-04_0040.jpg2014-06-04_0042.jpg2014-06-04_0039.jpg

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